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Effective Data and Affiliate Management Solutions

Give your business a real boost.


Benefit from our extensive experience and our highly effective tools to manage your affiliates, assess and minimize the risks.

Our Services

Our Services

Boost your affiliate business, minimize the risks

Click Fraud Prevention and Detection

Over 20% of clicks are fraudulent and will waste a significant part of your advertising budget if you do not address the issue.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Solutions

Fake, stolen cards and other credit cards frauds can be a real threat for your business. Make sure you do everything you can to secure it.

Affiliates CDD/ KYC

We provide out the box screening solutions to monitor your affiliates and their connected parties. 

Affiliates Payouts

In order to help you fully comply with AML regulations worldwide, we provide you with tools to automate affiliate payouts.

Data Services

Our integrated tools will allow you to compute real affiliate ROI and optimize your traffic acquisition.

Data analytics can help you strengthen your business.

Cyber services

Make sure to defend yourself against cyber-crimes and to comply with data management regulations in place.

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